SSA Fall 2012
Venue: East Carrollton Park

Venue Information
Venue: East Carrollton Park
Address: 410 Northlake Dr
Carrollton, GA  30117-1882
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Directions: To get to East Carrollton Park, take I20 West to exit #24(Carrollton/Villa Rica), go South on Hwy 61 towards Carrollton for approximately 12 or 13 miles. You will come to the intersection/redlight of the Hwy 61 and the Carrollton Bypass(Northside Drive), right pass Ryan's Steakhouse. Take a right onto Northside Drive, take the first left(Airport Road) followed by an immediate right turn onto Estes Drive which takes you past the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and right into the East Carrollton Park Complex. Soccer Fields on located on the left.

Fields At This Venue
No Field Name Description Status Schedule
blac Black Half Field OPEN --
Blue Blue 9/10U - 7v7 OPEN --
EC 1 EC 1 12U - 9v9 OPEN --
EC 2 EC 2 Full - 11V11 OPEN --
EC 3 EC 3 Full - 11V11 OPEN --
EC 4 EC 4 9/10U - 7v7 OPEN --
EC 5 EC 5 9/10U - 7v7 OPEN --
EC 6 EC 6 9/10U - 7v7 OPEN --
EC 7 EC 7 Full - 11V11 OPEN --
EC 8 EC 8 12U - 9v9 OPEN --
gree Green Full - 11V11 OPEN Schedule
oran Orange 9/10U - 7v7 OPEN Schedule
purp Purple Half Field OPEN Schedule
red Red Full - 11V11 OPEN --
yell Yellow 9/10U - 7v7 OPEN Schedule